Monday, May 15, 2017

world wide web

1. Cables that connect the whole world together use fiber optic lenses that use light to transfer information. The light bounces back and forth through the cables and since light is extremely fast the information is sent quickly.

2. The cables are about 1-2 inches in width

3.  They are placed under water across oceans and putting them in is a long expensive task.

4.  There is potential capacity and it capacity. Potential capacity is the capacity it would have if its owner installed all available equipment at the end of the cable.

5. Safety in numbers basically means that if you have so many cables all around the world a few can break and its not going to end everything. So if there was only one or two continuous cables and one broke than that would cut information off for millions of people or even billions.

6. 2/3 of broken cables are due to anchors being dragged across them. The other 1/3 is from environmental factors like earthquakes or a shark bite.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


1. a set of guidelines for implementing networking communications between computers.

2. a set of unique numbers that identify each computer using the internet protocol to communicate over a network.

3. IPV4 is a protocol used for packet- switch link layer networks like ethernet, IPV6 is more advanced and has better features. IPV 6 allows more users to use the internet because of bigger ip addresses. 

4. IP is internet protocol, an ip address is like a postal address because it tells computers where to send information, and a packet is like the letter being sent in the mail it is the actual thing being sent between computers. 

5. it is basically the internets phonebook, it has a a directory of domain names and then it translates them to ip address's. 


Monday, February 27, 2017

Impacting Invention

Something that has had a huge impact on my life would be my beats headphones. I consider these headphones to be one of my favorite items in the world. I got them this past December for wrestling and this season I won states a goal I had since my freshman year. However these headphones let me go into my own world before a match or even when ever I need to. I can listen to what ever I want to change my mood. The biggest use would be before matches trying to focus, these were the best thing because they are fully noise canceling and the sound quality is unbelievable. I would say a lot of my wrestling success is because of theses headphones and wrestling is a big part of my life.

I asked my mom the same question and I told her to pick something other than a computer or a phone and she said the dishwasher. This is because it makes life so much easier. "You have to think about how much time in your life time you would have wasted if there was no such thing as the dishwasher". Especially being a mom she says she would have spent way way to much time doing dishes. The same thing goes for a washer and dryer. These are computing inventions that make our life so much easier.
My object is more a personal object. It helps me focus and stay in the right mind set when I need to. It really has nothing in common with the benefits of a dishwasher. Dishwashers just make life a lot easier and save lots of time. While my beats really just helped me sports wise. However both these objects are important in our lives and we use them almost every day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Press L for the blue penguin
Press SPACE for the cat
press A for the bat
who ever reaches the line first wins

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


A coffee machine can be considered a computer.This is because the definition of a computer is somethings that takes an input and outputs something else. Many common house objects are computers we just do not think of them in that way. A coffee machine has only a few buttons on it but it accepts commands by the user and will output a certain amount of hot coffee. Espresso machines are also computers as they make take the input from the user to output espresso and it can also steam milk for lattes. Although very simple a coffee machine as anywhere from 2 to maybe 8 buttons depends on which kind. Even the ones with two buttons are receiving data. My home coffee machine has 4 buttons they are the start button, grind on, grind off, and less than 4 cups. Each of these buttons has a specific outcome. The grind on/off is the button that tells the machine whether the beans that are in it should be grinded or if they are already grinded. If the beans are not grinded then you press grind on and the machine will grind the beans for you. The less than 4 cups button should only be pressed is you are making less than 4 cups, obviously. Lastly the start button is what runs the machine and when that is pressed the coffee will start to be made. There are many items in every house small or big that most people would not consider to be a computer but in reality they are computers, and computers have made our world a million times easier.